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It's official: The midday slump has met its match—and no, it's not a triple espresso from Starbucks although, if you ask me, that bad boy is a close second. It is—drum roll please— Dr. Pimple Popper's newest Instagram video , which features a juicy earlobe cyst packed with surprises guaranteed to wake you up. Don't believe me?
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10 Stomach Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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Pet Bunny Behavior & Body Language | Best Friends Animal Society

Once it has been connected, some issues might affect the performance of your faucet such as leaks, squeaks and other problems. Normally, low water pressure from a faucet is caused by its sprayer diverter. The diverter valve is a small piece located inside the faucet body. The diverter controls the water going into the faucet, so you must check that it is clean—it might be clogged with small debris and minerals. If the diverter is not clogged, you might need to replace the diverter.
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Blood squirt

Blood squirt blood spurt , blood spray , blood gush , or blood jet is the effect when an artery is ruptured. Blood pressure causes the blood to bleed out at a rapid, intermittent rate in a spray or jet , coinciding with the pulse , rather than the slower, but steady flow of venous bleeding. Also known as arterial bleeding , arterial spurting , or arterial gushing , the amount of blood loss can be copious, occur very rapidly, [1] and can led to death by a process called exsanguination. In cut carotid arteries with mL of blood through the heart at each beat at 65 beats a minute , a completely severed artery will spurt blood for about 30 seconds and the blood will not spurt much higher than the human head. If the artery is just nicked, on the other hand, the blood will spurt longer but will be coming out under pressure and spraying much farther.
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This article was published online on March 2, O ne day in early , Jordan B. Peterson rose from the dead. The Canadian academic, then 57, had been placed in a nine-day coma by doctors in a Russian clinic, after becoming addicted to benzodiazepines, a class of drug that includes Xanax and Valium. The coma kept him unconscious as his body went through the terrible effects of withdrawal; he awoke strapped to the bed, having tried to rip out the catheters in his arms and leave the intensive-care unit.
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